Very Buried Cheesecake (Black Cat Cafe Cozy Mystery Series Book Review)

Very Buried Cheesecake (Black Cat Cafe Cozy Mystery Series Book 4) Book Cover Very Buried Cheesecake (Black Cat Cafe Cozy Mystery Series Book 4)
Book 4
Lyndsey Cole
Cozy Mystery
Lyndsey Cole Books
May 9, 2015
Kindle and Paperback


A delicious murder mystery, very entertaining, the storyline was a mixture of different flavors, giving it a distinctive taste. It is absolutely lovely with a afternoon cup of tea. The friendship demonstrated in this book is lovely and very moving, there were even pieces of romance. This tale was a very sweet, cosy and quaint read. After her failed relationship with the present police chief, Annie appears to be taking her time with her next relationship, which is just the thing to do and with her many friends in Black Bay things are already looking much better in that direction.


This should be an exciting time for Annie with the opening of her new art gallery, but she’s stressed and distracted preparing for her first photography opening. With her friend Martha and her new employee, Camilla, working to get the gallery set up, everything seems to be on track.

But when Annie stumbles on a body floating at the edge of Heron Lake, her worst fears are realized. Memories of her previous photography exhibit and the ensuing murder investigation come back to haunt her.

To make matters worse, the new detective in town points her finger at Annie right from their first meeting at the crime scene. Is this an ominous sign of what’s in store for Annie? With mysterious money disappearing and stolen jewelry showing up from thin air, a pre wedding dinner cruise and Martha’s on again/off again wedding, all is not what it seems.

Now Annie struggles to avoid being sucked into the mayhem. Will she be able to put her fears aside and figure out how to stay ahead of the killer?

***Very Buried Cheesecake is approx. 220 pages and is volume 4 in the Black Cat Cafe Cozy Mystery Series. Lyndsey’s books can be read and enjoyed in any order.

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