ABC Book: Alphabet at the Zoo – Book Review

ABC Book: Alphabet at the Zoo Book Cover ABC Book: Alphabet at the Zoo
Ksenia Walker
Children's Book
April 3, 2017
Kindle and Paperback


Wonderful just wonderful, I believe this is one of the best ways to teach your kids their alphabet. They would enjoy this book because it also has fun illustrations with vibrant colours which are extremely eye catching to kids. This alphabet picture book, not only helps to teach them their alphabet it also teaches them about different types of animals. This mini alphabet card got straight to the point, lovely way to teach your kids, I love it.


So it’s time to teach alphabet to the kid!

It would be best to start with letters after the age of three. Starting from this age the kids have increased curiosity and ability to learn. This book will help you in that.

Each page of this book represents a letter of the alphabet and a picture of an animal, the name of which starts from this letter. This way the book allows learning alphabet while playing and also meet the new animals like: antelope, bear, cow, duck, elephant, flamingo, giraffe, hamster, iguana, jaguar, kangaroo, lion, monkey, nightingale, owl, pig, quail, rooster, squirrel, toucan, urial, vulture, wolf, xerus, yak, and zebra.

Bright illustrations will help attracting the kid’s attention and the interest expressed will conduce easier memorizing. learning all the letters could take some time, as some of them are memorized better than the others.

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