Rex: A Scifi Alien Romance: Book Review

Rex: A Scifi Alien Romance: Albaterra Mates Book 1 Book Cover Rex: A Scifi Alien Romance: Albaterra Mates Book 1
Book 1
Ashley L. Hunt
Science Fiction Romance
April 4, 2017
Kindle and Paperback


Let me say right off, this alien romance was very sumptuous. It was packed with a little of everything, from the mystery of a race, to fist pumping action, jealousy, to fear so strong that the alien race on AlbaterRa would rather destroy all humans and their home world without much consideration. Surprisingly, it was also the human’s first contact with an alien species of any kind. The lessons to be learnt here were on both sides and it took a trail filled with prejudice and violence before things got sorted out. Tabitha, the female character didn’t impress me too much, she was a bit of a softy with little or no fighting spirit, she cried too much in my opinion and was very mouthy sometimes without much thought. Rex the warrior, leader of his Kingdom, had his hands full where she was concerned, in more ways than one. The other characters were very impressive even the old guys like Torik kicked butt. This book was well written it had a great storyline and was very entertaining, hats off to the Author Ashley L.

Emris Lindsay

Emris Lindsay is a children’s author who writes quirky, whimsical stories. She also writes under the name of Emerald Lindsay. The 52 year old mother of two , believes that it is important for children to have fun. She has used both her expertise as a mother and a writer to create children books. The books teach kids about good, old-fashioned morals and principles while at the same time engaging them in fun interesting stories. All of her stories are based in the Caribbean and gives your kids a unique perspective about Caribbean culture, animals, fauna and more. She aims to help kids to value themselves by imprinting good, old-fashioned morals and principles. Book Reviewer Emris not only writes books but she loves to read and review books to share the wonders of books with the rest of the world. She provides a FREE book review service where she reads and reviews any genre of books excluding Erotic and Pornographic books.

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