Looking for Colors With Lily and Milo Book Review

Looking for Colors With Lily and Milo Book Cover Looking for Colors With Lily and Milo
Lily and Milo
Pauline Oud
Children's Book
(July 11, 2017)

A rather cute picture book helping your kids to learn their colors in a fun and amusing way. Milo like any little kid is just so cute with his ‘mis-oops’, he messes up all the time but that is the beauty of being a kid, learning is fun when you are a kid especially learning your colors.

This book is truly a fun way to teach your kids about colors. It is just so cute, I like it. Any parent would love this book for their kids, the colors are brilliant and unforgettable and the illustration are quirky and fun to look at.

Emris Lindsay

Emris Lindsay is a children’s author who writes quirky, whimsical stories. She also writes under the name of Emerald Lindsay. The 52 year old mother of two , believes that it is important for children to have fun. She has used both her expertise as a mother and a writer to create children books. The books teach kids about good, old-fashioned morals and principles while at the same time engaging them in fun interesting stories. All of her stories are based in the Caribbean and gives your kids a unique perspective about Caribbean culture, animals, fauna and more. She aims to help kids to value themselves by imprinting good, old-fashioned morals and principles. Book Reviewer Emris not only writes books but she loves to read and review books to share the wonders of books with the rest of the world. She provides a FREE book review service where she reads and reviews any genre of books excluding Erotic and Pornographic books.

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