TIME TRAVEL Experiences Book Review

TIME TRAVEL Experiences Book Cover TIME TRAVEL Experiences
Aldrin Mathew
Science and Math
Aldrin Mathews Enterprises
January 25, 2017
Kindle and Paperback


This author shared his thoughts and views on what I believe to be the complexities of our conscious thought, of which the ground work was thought from a babe, so from that point of view we have traveled through time to now. It attacks the very fundamentals ingrown in us and makes us question ourselves, it broadens your scope of thinking and the logic of it all.

He has chosen a dynamic way of airing the issues he has with how today's generation are being taught. It draws clear thinking to the forefront giving you a defined perspective on the outlook of time and how far we have traveled as a people no matter where you are from in this world. I have never read a book like this and this author has an exceptional way of looking at things, he draws his example from his own personal experiences, a rather unique and eloquent way of debating an important issue. I liked what I have read and though I may not agree wholeheartedly with everything, I believe he has made a very viable and appealing point. I believe the intro was a bit too complex, but the fundamentals of the book are great. 

Price  - $ 3

Website - aldrinmathew.com

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