$0.99 Book – Pangaea: Jacob’s Awakening

Book Title Pangaea: Jacob’s Awakening
Publication date 24/05/2016
Author/Authors Name Ross Parkes
Genre/Sub-genre Sci-fi
Synopsis Off the coast of Pangaea a land left ruined after years of wars and the collapse of the ice caps – a boat tracks a legendary fish. Beside the captain on-board the boat is a young lad, Jacob, who was taken away from his parents at birth. After returning ashore to their quiet village in the northern most reaches of the continent Jacobs’s life is suddenly turned upside down. Upon meeting his sweetheart Freyja at the local tavern Jacob gets into an altercation with a soldier from the Ark, a colossal and technologically advanced city that floats miles in the air above Pangaea. After escaping the tavern to the safety of his home Jacob’s guardian, Beth, shares a shocking revelation. Despite mankind now only having the ability to produce one offspring, Jacob is the younger brother of Esau, the ruler of Pangaea. Beth forces a reeling Jacob to flee south to the city of Noriea where he will find help and begin to chase his destiny.
Jacob escapes his village before the Guardians of the Ark arrive. They capture Beth, Freyja and the captain of the boat, who is revealed as Atreus, the old chief guardian. Jacob treks across the mountains to Noriea and learns that he must continue south, across the wasteland to a ruined city that lies within a huge canyon. He walks for days along a crumbling highway where he wards off a group of mercenaries. Jacob is greeted by a resistance that fights against the oppression of the Ark. Their leader, Caster informs Jacob of his importance to them and he agrees to join their cause.
A platoon of soldiers sent from the Ark with their advanced weaponry, including a monstrous walking tank, attack Jacob and the faction. Their base is decimated but with the help Atreus, who travelled with the Ark’s soldiers, Jacob and the remaining faction escape via helicopter. Jacob is taken to Caster’s hideout in the swamp lands. Upon learning that his mother is alive and has been kept in captivity, Jacob persuades everyone to rescue Beth and his mother from the Ark.
They sky dive from above the clouds to land in the Ark undetected. Atreus leads the way through the various regions of the city, surrounded by a futuristic skyline. He takes them to an old part of the Ark where they meet his father in a backstreet club. It is soon surrounded by the Guardians led by Atreus’ old apprentice Kaelen. Jacob and Atreus escape in one direction, Caster and his team another. Caster reaches the control room of the Ark and steers it to the ocean where it will collapse, that is until they are forced to retreat.
Jacob and Atreus reach the second tier of the Ark where Atreus fights off Kaelen. They escape with Beth, Freyja and Jacob’s mother. Jacob finds Esau and follows him across the city where they have a showdown on the outreaches of the Ark. Jacob, unable to defeat Esau finds himself back on a fishing boat with the rest of the resistance sailing south to join with the People’s Army.
Link to the book https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pangaea-Jacobs-Awakening-Ross-Parkes-ebook/dp/B01G4BOAHM 
Status of the book $0.99
Page Count 310
Price $0.99

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