My five sexy picks for April in Historical Romance

I chose these five sexy reads as my romantic picks for April, although there are numerous sexy reads out there, these are from some of my favorite authors and I simply love how they keep that romantic love-fire alive in their awesome stories. The storylines are very enthralling and the heroes and heroines are amusing and entertaining.

Now, these are just five, as I said before, I have lots of favorite authors, so just stay tuned for more of their new and riveting releases.

These are all worth five stars in my book.



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From the start I was enticed with this book, it started with such an ordinary beginning and wham! Linnie came out with an unorthodox request which peeked my hunger for a sizzling adventure and I wasn’t disappointed. This book is simply delish and I love the two characters, Bathsheba and McGregor, they are riveting and gave this book a very delicious flavor. Bathsheba’s outright and forward approach makes her a lady to be reckoned with and though Mcgregor could have been forceful and arrogant he was kind and sexy. So there, I am not going to say another word, heck, the cover says it all, just go get a copy and see for yourself.


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What a cauldron Linnie and Marsden found themselves in but it was no choice of their own but their hearts, you see the heart decides who it wants to love and who are they to fight it although they tried but it was just too much for them. Everything and everyone were against them all due to the aristocracy and their class edit, but Marsden being the man he was, chose to go against even his mother’s wishes and made his choice.  Linnie was not willing to sacrifice so much, but she wanted him, so what do you think happened?  Well yes, the battles that ensued were numerous from friends, families and foes alike.

Lorraine Heath’s latest book is an enticing and thrilling read.


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Theirs was a runaway love that was running out of control, crashing into danger, running into assassins, traitors and gossip mongers. You would think this would slow them down, but Brody and Roselie were out of control where their hunger for each other was concerned. This flammable chemistry between them lends this book a succulent spicy package. So get out your fans ladies or better yet put the air-condition to its highest because this book is definitely on fire.


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This tale is filled with deep and heartfelt emotions that reverberate throughout the whole book, their tortured hearts are shrouded in pain due to some serious prejudice and jealousy. Rowena and Graham had to wade their way through years of betrayal and deceit in order to get clarity on some serious heart-wrenching stuff which was covered in an ugly mask of wickedness that immersed itself in everything they believed was the truth. This book is a great piece of art that was masterfully constructed, I even felt like I was part of the scenery in the library where Graham shared some long overdue blows to his so called friend and a man of business. I literally wanted to give him some blows but the Duke took care of that in style. So yeah, this is one of those books that gets you emotionally and let’s not forget the romance part, so get a copy and immerse yourself into some whole-time real romance.


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A sensitive and hilarious romance, I feel for Cal having to deal with not one, not two, but three young rambunctious women and add an unorthodox teacher in the mix, one he is deeply attracted to.
Poor guy didn’t have a romantic bone in his body but he had a very kind and loving heart he wasn’t even aware of.
Married for the wrong reason but it turned into something most wonderful. This book was a riot, I laughed and at times especially at the soiree when they all united in support of Emmaline against the unthinkable,
I felt the tears welling up in my eyes. Trust me when I say it has the right dosage of everything.

If you’ve read any of these wonderful books comment below and let me know what you thought. 

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