Podkin One-Ear Book Review

Podkin One-Ear (Longburrow) Book Cover Podkin One-Ear (Longburrow)
Kieran Larwood
Children's Book
Clarion Books
(September 5, 2017)
256 pages


This book tells the story of Podkin, his sister Paz and little brother Pook. It is well written with vivid descriptions that transport you to the Lanica five realms; in this realm humans are extinct and the animals are the intellectual and dominant beings. They escape with the help of their aunt and go on the run from the Gorms who overtook their warren, killing and transforming others by evil works.

Their journey to safety is filled with unexpected perils, hard lessons about family love, and other adventurous and thrilling things. All this with the Gorms following them, seeking to get their father's magic blade which was given to them by their aunt as per their parents' request. This story creeps upon you and you are soon in its grasp, you just want to keep on reading, it is that gripping.

Awesome work and well written.

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